Our Products

Quartz and Minerals

We select the quartz and mineral specimens that we offer with great care and consideration – each item is personally selected using a comprehensive set of criteria. We choose items for our clients as we would choose for ourselves. Our suppliers are knowledgeable and reliable – we have dealt with several since our inception in 1987.

What we don’t do: we do not order in wholesale lots, we do not order in barrel lots nor do we buy anything sight unseen.


For the jewelry that we produce, we select rare and premium quality stone beads, silver beads, lampwork beads, etc., and utilize designer findings and other hand-worked items that are unique and distinctive.

Every necklace and bracelet is intuitively, consciously and meticulously designed and produced by us. We add styling features that are not found in mass produced or other ‘designer type’ pieces. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind item. We will never have anything mass produced.