Our Bio’s

Helen Murray is a multi-dimensional artist whose jewellery, watercolour paintings, etheric photos and cards are a blending of the Celestial and Terrestrial, guided by the Wisdom of Creation. Helen lives with her photographer husband, Chris Gosso, in the middle of a forest about 45 minutes north-west of Toronto.

Trusting innate spirituality and intuition her entire life, she integrated the concepts of the outer world, and with a spiritual accent, successfully explored the academic and corporate environments. Complete with that aspect of existence, in 1986 she left the corporate world and since then continues to devote her time to fully embracing the radiance of creative energy as well as expanding her spiritual awareness.

In 1987 she and Chris opened Crystal Source, in Toronto, a space devoted to offering fine collections of crystals and mineral specimens. They relocated Crystal Source in 2002.

During that time Helen began “stringing” beads and silver, and being self-taught, has evolved her own style influenced by her travels to the southwest – New Mexico and Arizona.

Her travels, experience and established contacts have enabled her to acquire quality beads and silver for her designs and creations which result in necklaces and bracelets that embody the intent of beauty, joy, harmony, peace, balance, presence and a sense of devotion to those qualities.

Surrounded by nature and inspired by the peaceful alignment with the everlasting quality of being, these timeless pieces are offered in that way.

Chris Gosso is a photographer who has worked in the Toronto market for 30 years. Having graduated from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles (now located in Pasadena), he has brought his personal sense of vision and design to his portfolio, both commercial and personal.

In addition, Chris enjoys creating designs in quartz and other well-suited minerals that reflect his unique perspective. His cutting and polishing techniques were developed while immersed in an intensive experience in California learning that art form.

Helen & Chris Our Bios