Musings – Jan. 14, 2012

Helen’s Musings will appear in this section of the Crystal Source website, accompanied by one of her paintings or photographs.  These musings are merely reflective thinking, contemplative moments, and are not intended as a guide, advice, or to influence anyone’s personal beliefs or philosophies.

It is simply an outward expression of an ‘inward reception’ brought to the Light of Helen’s consciousness.  Shared, to be either disregarded or to resonate with. Or perhaps, the emerging of a distant and joyful familiarity.  The writings will appear regularly.

All material is copyrighted – writings and images – please do not reproduce.

January 14th, 2012.

As the recognition of Spiritual insight, awareness and understanding of other realms and dimensions expands, the walk upon the Path continues its forward movement of furthering vision and revelation.

Upon this Path, consciously chosen, knowing it to be true, we walk calmly forward with deepening trust and courage.

We have stepped into the year 2012 – a new time dimension – with its’ many, varied predictions. However, we have the awareness that we are prepared Spiritually for this moment in time.  We have walked towards it.  It is this Spiritual awareness that will sustain us through this time, where confusion is circulating within the human consciousness.

Holding the knowledge of Spirit and Soul, honouring that Eternal Essence, all will recognize the opportunity that is being offered at this time. The opening in 2012, seems like a layering of the Wisdom of the All, the Universe, the Creative Source, God – whatever ‘name’ one chooses, is personal.  Just knowing is sufficient.

Consciousness expands to embrace the Wisdom that flows freely – the Wisdom of the Timeless Eternal, the Wisdom of the Source, what we have touched, perceived, felt, known ~ harmony, a way of life on Earth.  More will seek and find gems of clarity and Light as we move forward.  Peace on the Horizon.

The Love within the layers of Wisdom and Humanity will ease uncertainty;  true nature, true selves, experiencing existence, in joy and gratitude, on this beautiful Earth, filled with all that a Soul through Spirit could desire as a human, being.  We embrace that gift that we recognize as Sacred.  As are we.  And it is this identity that comes to us as we come to it.

Light Messenger

light messenger 300x214 Musings   Jan. 14, 2012
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