Musings – Feb. 14, 2012

Helen’s Musings will appear in this section of the Crystal Source website, accompanied by one of her paintings or photographs.  These musings are merely reflective thinking, contemplative moments, and are not intended as a guide, advice, or to influence anyone’s personal beliefs or philosophies.

It is simply an outward expression of an ‘inward reception’ brought to the Light of Helen’s consciousness.  Shared, to be either disregarded or to resonate with. Or perhaps, the emerging of a distant and joyful familiarity.  The writings will appear regularly.

All material is copyrighted – writings and images – please do not reproduce.

Feb. 14, 2012

Within the Sacred Circle, Bound by Universal Love,
~ Bound with no constraints ~
Freedom in the Gift of Source, Love without restraint.

Filling space around us, Imbued within our Being,
~ This Love of All that is ~
The Love of Source, with Wisdom, Defines our Sacred Seeing.

The Sacred Circle comes to be within this Blue Sphere, Earth,
~ Loving Pilgrims wander there ~
Upon this Land of Beauty, Light, here through Sacred Birth.

A Promise carried in our Soul, Glowing, inner Peaceful Light,
~ Wisdom comes to Earth with All ~
Flowing through our Soul and Self, The Promise known with Vision Bright.

On the Path so Clear and True, The walk, a stumble on occasion,
~ The message known, the walk is smooth ~
Past, Present, Future in one moment, Brings forth Joy in Celebration.

A Perfect Moment through all Time, In Eternal Love, Sublime.

Rainbow Messenger

rainbow messenger3 Musings   Feb. 14, 2012

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