About Crystal Source

Crystal Source was established in 1987 by Helen Murray and Chris Gosso in the heart of the Queen Street West area, in downtown Toronto.

We had a vision of providing a quiet, intimate space where our clients (some are now close friends) could come and choose quartz crystals, mineral specimens and jewelry that reflected the quality and care with which we chose them.

In 2002, we relocated Crystal Source into the country about 45 minutes north of Toronto, surrounded by towering pines and the camaraderie of nature’s cast of characters.

Over the years, we have come to meet some very wonderful people from all over the world who love the magnetic beauty, structure and colour of the Mineral Kingdom – both clients and suppliers – some through a Spiritual recognition as well as collectors of fine specimens. All are welcome – a true blending of appreciation on many levels.

Tucson hosts the world’s largest gem and mineral show every year at the end of January. Miners and dealers flock to Tucson from every corner of the world bringing their treasures and it is exciting and invigorating to be immersed in its atmosphere, being able to witness the latest and best selection of gems, minerals, stone beads, silver beads and jewelry in the world. Our first year was truly an experience never to be forgotten – and has been every year since.

We have maintained our focus on quality and aesthetics with personally selected items since inception and we hope that focus is apparent on our website. Please enjoy and come back to visit often.

Helen & Chris About Crystal Source